Monday, September 5, 2011

Basement Progress

With a little one in the house everything seems to take much longer:) The past few weeks have been really busy but with the help of family we have made some significant dents to the basement. We have mentally split the basement into 2 parts- the bathroom and "the rest."

Take a look at the initial progress we had made. We got the platform in and it was ready to be "studdified" by who other than my stud of a husband (sorry could't resist that one).

Bathroom Progress thus far:

"The Rest":

Everything is at least studded out, the electrical 99% done, and ready for green board (definition: drywall with moisture resistance).

Back to the bathroom. We had the plumber come and do all the piping for the toilet and sink. He also moved the washer and dyer shut-off since they were located where the bathroom is. You may wonder- why is there a platform under the bathroom? I would ask the same question. Short story: Building the platform slightly higher than the main drain helps us to avoid an "up flush" toilet (Basically a $1000 toilet vs. $100 regular toilet) and just in case any water happens to come into the basement (as it did a few weeks ago...panic mode ensued...but we just needed to patch some holes in our sidewalk (which Grandpa B and Uncle J did while Peter and I were at the hospital, and in the middle of we wouldn't have to worry about it after!) and reroute some downspouts.)

We've definitely made some progress since this:

So there you have it. Greenboard is up and we are working on mudding the seams. Next steps are to sand and re-mud a few times, cut out the access panel that will let us get to the water shut-off and water meters, position the light and wire it in, and then to my favorite parts: painting, accessories and making things look cottage-y! Wahoo!

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  1. Seriously can't believe you guys are doing all of this with a newborn! So impressive!!!


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