Monday, August 1, 2011

New Project!

So Little B is due any day now. So why not start another project? Our latest undertaking is the basement. We want to make it a playroom/tv-room hangout-type-space. We also want to add a small half bath since we only have 1 bathroom on the second floor. Here is a pic straight ahead as you walk down the stairs.

Our plan is to put the bath straight ahead from the stairs. Why? I thought you would never ask. In order to make this a budget friendly project we desperately want to avoid purchasing an "Up-Flush" toilet (we're talking $1,000) instead of a $100 toilet from HD or Lowes. Since the main sewer drain is behind the washer/dryer we are going to build a platform that will raise the toilet high enough to avoid the $1,000 toilet situation. I mean, really, who wants to spend $1,000 on a toilet?

So we had a work weekend. Both dads and a brother-in-law came up to help. We got the platform in so we could have the plumbers come in and start their job of moving/installing pipes for the toilet and sink. Here is what the platform looks like from the stairs right now:

Here is a shot of the scary-scary basement before we cleaned it up. Some parts of the house really took a beating after the beam project. The basement may be one of those. Ok, it definitely is.
Back to the work weekend. We got all the junk cleared out and got to work. We cut out some wall below the stairs to add a closet and extra storage once the basement is somewhat livable:

Who do you think Peter takes after? His dad maybe?

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