Friday, April 8, 2011


 I love little projects. Especially when they cost under $20! Before I unpacked the bathroom boxes I wanted to spruce up the drawers a little. You could tell the drawers were a little el-cheapo by the little round stickers on the bottom of each drawer that says "C". I know, from past experiences, you only see these little things when it is an assemble yourself dealy. I'm not knocking  the assemble yourself by any means (we are IKEA fanatics) I just like to hide that fact once it's assembled. Here are the drawers and medicine cabinet before my little paper project:

I went to Michaels and  was super excited to find scrapbooking paper was on sale. I picked up 3 12x12 sheets for a whopping $0.51! Phew! I broke the bank. Here were my supplies:

  1. My trusty paper cutter
  2. A roll of double-stick tape I had on hand
  3. A measuring tape

 I measured the drawers and they were 14". A little longer than the 12" paper. I just added a 2" strip at the end and incorporated it in using the double stick tape.

TA DA! Pretty drawers! Oh Yeah and I had a little left over. I'm not even going to pretend I planned on doing the medicine cabinet. You likey?

 Here is the medicine cabinet:

 I wrapped the paper around the edges so it would "pop" a little more.

I'm not done though! Look what I found in the clearance section at Target! A nice stainless tension rod for our shower curtain. $10 off the original price just because it has been opened before. I don't mind. In fact, someone else did all the work for me. I just had to undo the tape! 

Here is the kinda ugly white tension rod that was here before:

 And after! A quick fix that spruced up our little bathroom. Now I'm ready to unpack! I want to make a new shower curtain since our old one is a little too matchy-matchy with the walls:

 And there you have it. A quick project for under $20 total and you can see the results in under an hour! My kind of project. It basically took me as long as an hour-long t.v. show on the DVR. Yes, that's right 40min. I wonder if I would have gotten this project done if Grey's hadn't been a repeat...

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