Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eco/Prego Friendly Nursery Painting

So our first homeowners project is complete. We painted the nursery. Wahoo. Going along with our Cottage theme it was only fitting that the walls be painted teal. Not just "any" teal though. "River's Edge" is the relaxing. I can already hear Little B calming down from a crying fit when she looks at the walls her Mommy and Daddy painted for her. (Ok I'm dreaming.) If you need a refresher on what the room looked like before you can check out our house tour otherwise keep reading as I get giddy telling you about paint.

But first thing's first. Painter's Tape...we found an extra roll hanging around and we used every last inch. We probably would have had a few inches left over except someone (Peter Peter Peter) gets a little "tape happy" around the corners of the windows.

 Ahem...Look at mine?
So we got the whole room painted and we were armed and dangerous...(I know I don't look too dangerous yet but I can be:)
So. How did we choose our paint? I thought you would never ask! I did tons of research on paint before we moved and decided I wanted to go the "No Odor and No VOC" route. That way, I could help paint and the paint doesn't off-gas "Volatile Organic Compounds" for up to a year! A chemical with the word volatile in it CAN'T be good! So, I went to home depot (by myself I might add) and went to the teeny tiny section that said "No VOC'S". I was very dissapointed in my options. So I took a few swatches home from the other brands and continued my research. Guess what I found?! Mythic Paints. For $50/gallon and FREE SHIPPING (because I live over 12 miles from the nearest dealer) Mythic will color match any competitor's color! Hence "River's Edge" by Behr. Within a week a cute gallon of paint arrived and we were ready to start. I didn't get the primer from Mythic since we were able to find Olympic No-VOC primer at Lowe's for $12/gallon. So final cost for this project? $62 bones.

We did the priming in the AM and the painting in the later afternoon. NO-VOC paints take a little longer to dry. That was OK with us since we needed to do a home depot run for Peter to buy a saws-all. Enter giddy and happy hubby here:

Ok, back to the painting post. Pete will be telling you all about his tools, I am sure.
So that leaves us to the final product. It seems a little bright right now but I am confident it is going to look great when I am done with it:)

(pretend you don't see the crib- Pete wasn't home to move it for me on our first sunny day in a week!) Doesn't the paint look great with the creamy white colored trim? The paint went on AMAZINGLY and I would highly recommend it!


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