Monday, April 18, 2011

Easy Peasy Throw Pillows

So after the slipcover debacle I was feeling quite defeated. I needed a boost-my-sewing-self-esteem project that I could do in an evening and really see an impact. On our IKEA Adventure I scored some 20 x 20" pillow inserts for $4 a pop and some rectangular sized pillows for $3 each.  Bigger is really sometimes better- especially when it comes to throw pillows. With a solid color couch I wanted big pillows that added visual interest and covered most of the couch. This is what I had to start with:

BORING. Not that the couch isn't beautiful. (This was a craigs list find and my mom re-upholsetered the whole thing.) See? She really is mom-the-sewing-extraordinaire! Throw pillows are expensive and there is no getting around it. These are quite pretty!

I needed to go a little lighter since the couch is so dark. Did I mention that I love burlap? Burlap was invented so it could be a part of Our Cottage On The Coast. Texture? Yes, please. This is what I came up with:

Seriously. Anyone can make these. You could do it by hand and it would take a while (my grandma was a trooper!) or use a machine that goes in a straight line. Sew two squares together with the right sides facing together and leave a 3-4" hole. Flip the pillow cover, stuff it with the form, and sew it up by hand! EASY PEASY. If you want help with your own just come over and I will show you. No need to spend more than $10 for these pillows.

What do you think of our living room so far? Don't get too attached. We just ripped out the wall in between the living room and the dining room! Update on that soon.

The white coffee table is new. BRAND new! I ordered it from Ballard Desings when they were having a huge sale. Yes I only paid $105 for this gem. Oh and look over under the bay window! I just can't wait to have a window seat. That will have to wait as our living room right now looks like it was hit by a hurricane named Peter and Saws-all. More on that soon.

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