Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our First Cottage On The Coast...

       So here is a little peek at our very own Cottage Condo on the rocky shores of Massachusetts. We just LOVE it here. I mean, how could anyone live further than 5 minutes from the ocean...really? Before I introduce our first little nest I should let you in on a little secret that you may not know about us. We REALLY love the beach. Probably even more than our closest friends realize. Last summer we ate dinner 3 or 4 times a week at the beach. We swim, walk, relax, and just love life with sand between our toes and the salt air in our nose. So...narrowing down places to search for our first cottage with beach access left us with only a few possibilities to lay our hats.
       We settled on a condo within walking distance to local parks and, of course, the beach. We wanted a place that we could have fun updating and making the space our own without having to gut an entire house. We can't wait to share with everyone some of our plans and of course our thrifty purchases along the way! I just love a deal. Ok here she is:

This is the living room when you walk in the front door. Possibly the biggest design challenge of the whole place. This room is tiny. But, hey, I'm up for a good challenge. Look how bright it is - that bay window is just screaming to me, "Make me a window seat!" Well, it's screaming at Pete to make him (yes, I just referred to the bay window as a male) into a window seat.
The living room opens up into the dining room (excuse the bags of trash by the door!). Look! Another bay window. Isn't he cute? Ohh and the built in- boy do i have plans for her!

And the kitchen! The kitchen was recently redone so we don't need to do a ton of work on it right away, but I would like to make some changes down the road- not really my style right now. One of my first projects is replacing the ugly (and i mean ugly) flowers-that-look-like-birds drawer and door pulls. Uggh. Why would you choose those?

Look how much space is in this kitchen! And look, look, look! A window over the sink! Yup- never had one of those before:) Maybe i will help Pete a little more with dishes now that i have something to look at...

A few shots of the basement...Definitely a great place for storage and laundry right now...more on that later.

Some leftover supplies from the previous owners- extra paint is always helpful...

This is the second floor bedroom at the back of the house. This will become Little girl B's nursery. Look at all the light:)

AND it has a closet. Another foreign thing to us "B's".

This is the hallway that leads from the nursery to our bedroom. Not too far for those late night stumbles to the nursery in a few months.

Oh Look! We passed a linen closet on our journey down the hall. Do I even own enough to fill these closets?

Here is the bathroom. Another wow factor for us. A bathroom that has enough room for both of us to be in it at one time and our elbows won't knock each other. A Miracle.

Oh yes- the bathroom is big enough to merit TWO pics.

Here is what I guess you could call the Master Bedroom. There really isn't anything master about it since it's the same size as the nursery and equal distance to the bathroom.

We did like this room a little more because of the flat wall for our wonderful bed.  Don't worry- you will get to see her all dolled up soon.

But there's more! (You thought it was over?) This is the third floor room, which we will call the studio/guest quarters up in the tower. This is just the perfect little retreat to work on sewing projects and my business: Cottage On The Coast. See that door in the top right corner? That goes into the unfinished attic...

It's tiny- but it's an extra little space that will be very valuable in a few months:)

Here is one shot of the attic. It's much bigger than it looks here. I can keep all my fabric stashed away in here and no one will ever see it! That makes me happy.

Our condo on the coast even has a cute little porch. AND a red door. AND a spot for rocking chairs...

Yes- it's sold. Sorry you can't have it. Want your own? Have Laura or Jory from Team Crowell hook you up with your own pad. Follow them on facebook here: TEAM CROWELL

 So there she is. Our new pad! Do you like it? We sure do. Can't wait for you guys to see what I have dreamed up in my head. Pete only sees $$ flash across his eyes - but he's used to it. After all, my dad did warn him that I was expensive...but now a newly minted deal shopper, to boot!

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  1. These pictures are fantastic! Can't wait to see it with all of your "stuff"!
    P.S. Thanks for the shout out! :)


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