Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Demo That Wasn't...

Well, we started demo! I am going to leave it to hubby to give you the low-down on the actual demo. Here were the very first swings caught on video. It didn't last too long...(for me)

So I have to say after my 2min 15 seconds of demolition I can officially say that I am not really the "demo type." Yes, it was fun to let out a little pent up energy (which has really been lacking lately) but once the horsehair plaster started to puff out of the wall I turned in my hammer for something a little more fun....

Drum-roll please...

Tissue Paper Pom Poms! wahoo! (can you really get any more girly after knocking down a wall?!)

Auntie K and I worked in the kitchen while the boys made a mess of the living and dining room. I found a little tutorial here and they were quite simple. We made mostly smaller poms and tried one large one. That was an unfortunate flop as we didn't have the required number of tissue sheets to really "fill the ball" out.  So, Auntie K's brilliant idea was to stuff it into a small white vase and voila! Tissue-flower-ready-for-the-table pom. Why did I make these brilliant little poms you are wondering? I am throwing a bridal shower next weekend for one of my closest friends and wanted a pop of pink for decoration. These will look so cute hanging above the buffet or a table!

Since that project didn't take very long we decided to tackle the crib assembly. On our IKEA adventure we settled on this simple white crib from IKEA. The price was right at just $100. I love how simple it is. I told you guys not to look when I took the post painting now you can:

Can't get any more simple than that! We love it though. It fits perfectly between the giant windows. I am glad we didn't buy a crib with those big sides because it would have looked quite funny kiddy-cornered in this room. It feels like the corner of the room really needs a little something-something. So I perused Etsy for some mobile ideas that I could hang up high to fill the empty space. I really liked something like this:

This mobile in particular is made with paper stars. Although very pretty, the store only offers stars and butterflies. Nothing for "cottage living" so I decided I am going to make my own! What better coastal decoration than using shells in a mobile?! Sand dollars already have a hole in them! (Pete would have quit if I had asked him to drill 150 tiny holes into shells). Yes, you heard right. I am estimating about 150 miniature sand dollars. The mobile is rather large but I think it will look perfect in that space. More on that later.  I deemed this project a wait-until-I-have-to-sit-on-my-rear-with-my-feet-elevated type project.


  1. Lookin' good. Glad you two were able to find perfect projects for your own personal abilities...I mean preferences ;) LOVE the pom poms.

  2. Thanks Mrs. HB! I am sure Pete would have made better pom poms than me ;)


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