Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Cottage Dwellers- About Us

We call ourselves PB and J. Or now more often PJ and Little B, as we're expecting our first baby (a girl!!) in early August! April of 2011 saw us buying and moving into our first condo on the North Shore of Massachusetts, just down the road from our favorite place on the earth: the beach. It's a little farther down that road than we had originally dreamed in the Hallmark straight-to-DVD (or VHS?) version of our life, and it's not quite as "cottage" as Nantucket, but "Condo Somewhat Close to the Coast" just doesn't have the same ring as "Cottage on the Coast." So that's that.

There are thousands of people with similar goals, in similar situations, blogging in similar ways as us. Let's face it: with the internet, it's easy to duplicate ad nasuem. That's why if we see a fellow blogger post something that melts our face off with design acumen, frugality, or flavor, we'll gladly direct you there. We're a resource, with our own life interspersed throughout.

Over these coming posts, we'll cover a breadth of topics that will touch on the theme of building our Cottage on the Coast into a welcoming place for family and friends, a loving home for our Little B, and an example of resource stewardship--time, money, and space. You'll find posts on living organically, cooking, home improvement, decorating, marriage, and child-rearing. Enjoy the ride. It'll be bumpy--like any New England road--but we're looking forward to sharing our experiences with you, so that hopefully you'll be a little inspired, a little forewarned, and maybe even a little entertained along the way.

Fair winds and following seas...


  1. Adorable!!! We want to see pictures of Jen and the baby belly...of course Peter too :)

  2. LOVE the house, Jen! we're in the process of buying and i've been drooling over DIY/decorating blogs & dreaming up the start of my own... so it's so fun to see you've started one yourself!!! love it! :) congrats on everything!!!

  3. Thanks Lauren!It has been so much fun and such a great outlet:) I am sure it will be a little more difficult to keep up with once Little B arrives!


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