Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fixed Me Up a Table...

So I wanted a little table for the nursery to put next to the rocker for water, supplies, etc. I just wanted a simple table that was short and cute. Most importantly, I didn't want to spend much $$.  A few weeks ago I went on a yard sale marathon in search of the perfect table. Well, I found it! The price was totally right too: $3.

Here's a quick tutorial on how I got the table to look like it should be a part of the room.

1- I took some sandpaper to it until it was all scratched up and stuff.

2- I wiped it off and primed it. I was careful to not get any paint on the tiles.

3- I let it dry and painted the table in the leftover trim paint I had on hand. The center circle I used the leftover wall paint from the nursery. TA-DA! New table for 3 bones.

Be sure to check out how it looked in the nursery all set up. What a fun little project that totally changed the look of the table. Oh yeah- I had Peter spray it with a clear coat of poly so we don't need to worry about coasters in the wee hours of the night:)

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