Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nursery Complete!

Well I guess it's done. For now. I can't commit myself to saying a room is "done". So here is the grand tour for now. Wow- a lot has changed since the day we painted this room! I am thrilled with the result. To keep costs down, I made the curtains and bedding seen in the first picture. I gave leftover fabric to my wonderfully talented sister-in-law Auntie K who made the quilt hanging over the edge of the crib. I made my own mobile since I didn't find anything I liked in the store. I love how big the mobile is and how it fills the empty corner of the room visually.
We took the door off the closet and put a curtain up so we could utilize that corner a little more effectively. We really wanted the glider rocker in that corner. Speaking of...remember when it used to be an ugly green? I also made some fun little art for the wall out of some leftover fabric. Check out the little table next to the rocker. I just added it and am really happy with how it turned out. That table hasn't always been so cute- in fact, a week ago it was an ugly brown and cost $3 at a yard sale. Stay tuned and I will show everyone the transformation :) The light is from IKEA that we had in our old apartment. Oh and for everyone with a perceptive eye...i blocked out the little hanger holding the jacket on the's the first initial of Little B's name...we can't tell you yet!
Here is the closet progress thus far. We painted the rod and top shelf to match the walls and added some shelving to the far left out of wood scraps. We used a shoe organizer from IKEA to organize things like burp cloths, hats, etc. More on organizing that another time. It's fine for now!
Here is the side that no one has seen yet. I am really happy with how it turned out. The two outside shelves we had from our old apartment and are from IKEA. The middle decorative shelf is from Christmas Tree Shop for around $6- can't beat it. Do you like the decal on the wall? It's from Etsy given to us by Auntie K. The changing table was an antique shop purchase for $50 a year ago. We totally lucked out on that piece.
Oh and look at the little shelves! They are actually leftover spice racks from IKEA that I painted the color of the trim. I just love them.
Doesn't the sailboat decal look like we painted it? It's amazing!
This corner doesn't really have a purpose yet. We have the bassinet stored there right now. This bassinet was used by my dad when he was a baby. My wonderful mom made it look brand new with the eyelet fabric and quilted lining. Little B will love her little abode.

Well that's it for the nursery at this point. We have had so much fun with it but I am glad we are done! Now it's time for Little B to see it. I will try to get a 38 week pic up soon for all you bump-date followers!

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