Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Curtains For a Closet?

There is nothing better than having a cute and organized closet. There's something about opening up the door curtain and finding a beautifully organized little space. I was looking online for nursery decoration inspiration and stumbled upon this nursery:

I LOVE it! One of my favorite parts is the closet with the super-cute-curtain.  Now why would I insist that my lovely husband take a closet door off you might ask? I love the pop of fabric that it brings into the room and love even more that it gives extra floor space. Here is a pic of the closet door pre-painting:

With the door there you wouldn't be able to put anything in that corner of the room because the door would need space to swing open. Not anymore! Bye bye door...helloo curtain! I had Peter hang the rod high and wide over the door. I had him extend the rod over the left side a little longer than the right because that's where the curtain will hang...
Tada! Curtain-closet-door.
How easy was this to make? Ask me! Ask me! As we say up here in Boston-- WICKED easy. I hemmed all four sides to home decorating weight fabric that I actually got for free from fabric.com.  When I ordered the fabric for the crib skirt they sent the wrong fabric (Brown with cream polka dots instead of teal polka dots). They said- keep it and we will send you the right fabric! Well...ok I guess I will :)  I bought the clips and curtain rod at Target for a great deal:

I am working on re-upholstering the glider rocker which I haven't introduced to y'all yet. More on that soon. I want to put the glider in front of the curtain to free up another corner in the nursery.

Does anyone else have curtain-closet-doors that they just love?!


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