Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Fahm

When people ask us, "Where do you guys like to go to eat?" and we answer with things like: Chipotle and, well, Chipotle - this is the reason: Green Meadows Farm. (We may also be a little on the cheap side when it comes to eating out, but that's beside the point!) When we moved back to the North Shore in 2009, we found Green Meadows after searching for a local farm that offers crop shares. Like many young people/couples, we had little space to grow veggies and fruit and really wanted to have lots of fresh, organic, and local produce. It simply makes us feel good to know where our food is coming from. I call it a type of insurance.

So Green Meadows - awesome place, check out the history of the farm here, and any fans of the film Patton, be very jealous - provides us with pretty much all of the fruit and veggies we (could ever) need each week. Last summer was the first time we did the crop share (small share) and loved it so much that we signed up for the fruit shares and for both winter shares. It has meant we don't do some other things, but totally worth it to us.

We've been exposed to some really interesting food that we would never buy at the store: Daikon radishes, pac choi, and most recently: stinging nettles. We also get all the great, more recognizable stuff: tons of greens, carrots, apples, berries, potatoes, beets, beans, and on and on. And finding a use for everything is a huge challenge, but fun. Soups have been great, green smoothies in the morning, and even homemade pickled good...still have some left after 8 months.

The Fahm also raises pigs, chicken, and sheep (ducks, too, I think), and we've sampled their own ham and chicken...never had ham so good. We're starting to adjust some of our meals so that meat isn't the main player on the plate - it's simply too expensive!
Fun to hear the pigs grunting happily, but man, don't stand downwind!
I could go on and on about how much we love picking up our share every week, but suffice it to say that getting out of the car, smelling the big field of pick-your-own herbs, and enjoying the bounty of God's creation is fantastic. Make sure to visit if you have the chance!

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  1. LOVE it!! And I couldn't agree more. There are few things better than eating a meal made of animals and vegetables that you got to see grow!!


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