Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cute Bridal Shower on a Budget

I hosted my first shower last weekend and I must was a success. 

Bride+Food+Gifts=One dang good party.

I must say. Showers are a lot of work. They can definitely can add up quickly if you are not careful. We chose to host the shower at the bride's parents house which turned out great. We could have gone the route of choosing a venue, using their food menu, and paying through the nose for mediocre food. But why would I do that?

We needed a few decorations, food, favors, and of course the bride. The last one was easy. I just told her when and where. As for decorations...
Remember those cute poms I made a few weeks back?

Well, we hung up a few throughout the house like over the buffet, over the table where people ate, and one over the "gift opening" chair. They looked great and added just enough pink to remind people that it's a bridal shower.

We put pink tulips in the center of the table. Trader Joe's has great prices for tulips if you are interested:)

As for food, we chose to do a brunch of sorts. We had cheese and crackers, veggie platter, chips and dip, assorted pastries, fruit salad, egg bake, pulled pork sliders, and a salad. We had plenty of food! Each bridesmaid brought a few things to keep costs to a minimum. It worked out great!

For favors we went the DIY route. I bought ball jars from Bed Bath and Beyond-with a coupon of course! (Don't ever go in that store without bringing a coupon! Did you know you can use as many coupons as you want in one transaction?) Don't be bashful!

One of the brides sisters and I made sweet tea the night before the shower. (The grooms from the south and many attendees love the whole sweet tea thing. I thought they looked pretty cute in the jars!

We wrapped the jars with raffia and added a tag. I bought little clear bags from Michael's (another store you should never go in without a coupon) and filled them with miniature shortbread cookies that my amazing baker-of-a-dad made for me a few weeks earlier and froze until the night before the shower. (These are GREAT cookies to freeze and don't taste like the freezer-yuck!)

In short, people were fed, they got a little treat when they left, and the bride got some great presents. I would consider it a success-on-a-budget!

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