Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paint + Hutch= Dining Bliss

While Peter was working on Saturday, I had the place to myself. I wanted to take on a simple project that had a big impact and knew my plan-o-hutch was the perfect solution to my Saturday morning DIY eagerness. Oh but before I digress down the hutch road check out the walls! We painted the dining room and living room this wonderful light blue. I just love the way it looks with the white trim. Notice none of the below pictures include the dreaded "beam" project. The project is moving along now but I will let Peter fill you in on our beam-woes. This is a happy post. Back to the hutch.

I loved the idea of displaying all my whites in the hutch. Unfortunately since the entire hutch is white everything looked a little washed out. I wanted to pick a bold and dark color that made the white dishes say "come and use me!". I think I achieved that bold statement if I do say so myself. Also, notice the little corner to the left of the hutch. Since our entryway is so small I wanted to put a little table there where we can drop our keys on the way into the kitchen. I found one of our currently unused IKEA purchases and decided it needed a face-lift:
 Why not paint it the same color as the hutch back-splash?

Don't mind if I do!

I can't wait to see what the slip covered chairs do to tie this dark blue into the room. Remember those? Good news on that front. Mom the sewer-extraordinaire has been hard at work and has completed 4 out of the 6 slipcovers! I said I was going to help...but time just isn't on our side. 10 more weeks until Little B may make an appearance and there is much to be done! I have had a few requests for the 30wk Bump-date which I will post soon I promise. Thanks mom for making my slipcovers:)

As for the basket to throw the keys...When I recently made a West Elm visit I ran into this beauty:

 I don't know if I can justify $35 dollars. Maybe we Peter? could try making it? We'll see if I can find something a little more affordable. Or I could wait until it goes on sale...

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