Sunday, May 8, 2011

My First (Soon to be a Mom) Mother's Day

Lately I have been waking up early on days I get to sleep in. Why you ask? It's not that I love getting up with the birds on days off. It's HUNGER. I wake up and all I want to do is eat! Like clockwork, I woke up a few minutes after 7 this morning...starving.

But wait, what's that I smell? Oatmeal pancakes? YUMMY! Peter had woken up extra early, knowing i would be ravenous, and made me my first Mother's Day Breakfast. They were delicious.

My single (which turned into 3 or 5 "Mother's Day Requests" throughout the day)"Mother's Day Request" (oh yeah, and I tend to milk most holidays for all they are worth...) was to hang the curtain rods up in the nursery. You see, I have been a busy little sewer (that is, "one who sews") while Peter has been "demo man."

Here is what I have been up to:

I'm not into lots of super girlie colors but a "pop of pink" was definitely necessary. I chose to add the pink in with the ties on the bumper pad. Custom bedding is definitely out of our price range and since I started making baby bedding for a few customers in my Etsy Shop I figured: why not make my own?

Doesn't the white crib look great with the bedding? The crib skirt is brown with teal polka dots. I'm really happy with how the bedding came out, and thankful I got it done while I can still crawl around on the floor and pin the heck out of it.

Oh yeah, so back to Mothers Day Request. I snagged some amazing fabric at a discount fabric store and thought it would be perfect for the curtains in the nursery. The sad part was, they didn't have enough to make 4 panels. They had enough for 2 and to save money on fabric costs, I ended up going with the sweeping-curtain-look since the windows are huge anyways. (I didn't have to worry about the windows looking tiny and not letting enough sunlight in.) So when the guy at the counter was cutting my fabric he mentioned that the fabric is designed for outdoor use and is stain/water resistant. Perfect for the nursery! I told him I was making curtains and, with this new found knowledge, I could leave the windows open when it rains and the curtains will be ok:) He didn't laugh...I did though. 

So up the curtain rods went. Peter proceeded to head to the basement to prep trim for the beam while i whipped up my curtains:

It was later afternoon when I took the picture so it's a little dark. The curtains are teal and white stripes that actually match the paint color exactly! (And no, I don't carry around paint swatches with me. That would require thinking in advance.) I took a chance, and it was a success!

I got the curtain rods at Christmas Tree Shop for $5 each. They are a distressed white and look great with my new fabric! Things are starting to come together all around our cottage, and we can't wait for the first floor to be finished...soon!

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  1. Nicely done making the bedding and curtains! :) I completely remember waking up early and in the middle of the night completely ravenous!


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