Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dear Little B...

Dear Little B,
  Yesterday was August 3, 2011 and it just so happened to be your due date. We have been anxiously awaiting this day for many months! We know that God has chosen the perfect day for you to come into this world so we continue to wait for His perfect plan. We know we will see you soon and hold you in our arms and forget about August 3 altogether.

 We are so excited to welcome you into this world and watch you grow each day. We look forward to taking you to the beach and building sandcastles or going for a walk around the quad at Gordon. We can't wait to teach you how to swim!

  You will come in His perfect timing and we are able to rest in these promises. We did, however, want to do something fun on your "due date".  So here is what we did:

It was my first day home from work and we made a wonderful breakfast. French toast, yogurt, and a green smoothie. Don't worry- we'll teach you about green smoothies. They are quite tasty.

  Daddy went off to work and I did things around the house- getting ready for you! I packed my hospital bag finally! I packed up a picnic lunch and brought it over to Gordon.

Daddy and I had a picnic next to the quad. It was beautiful out. We had chickpea salad sandwiches- so tasty.
 Later in the afternoon Daddy came home from work and we went downtown to watch a bike race. It was so fun! Don't worry, we'll take you next year:)
 We finished the night off with dinner in Salem with friends from bible study. All in all it was a great day. We talked a lot about you today and can't wait to finally meet you!

See you soon Little B,
Mommy and Daddy

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