Sunday, June 12, 2011

All About Cloth

I have been asked by many people in the last few months what our diapering situation is going to look like. I am thrilled to respond: Cloth Diapers!! That's when people look at me funny and reply "haha...good luck!"

Well, that only makes me want to prove everyone wrong. I am so excited to save a ton of money by avoiding "sposies" - as the cloth diapering world calls them. I would love to tell you all that my primary motivation for cloth diapering is to save the planet, go green, etc. Yes, this is an added bonus, and I am thrilled I am helping keep "sposies" out of landfills...really. But let's get real. I am totally pumped to save some serious cash.  Another motivating factor for me is to keep all those chemicals found in "sposies" away from Little B's bottom.

So you decide cloth diapering could work for you. Now what? I did a TON of research and found a cute little shop online that breaks everything down for cloth diapering novices. It's called littleneetchers and they are based out of northern Minnesota. The owners' write-up on "Cloth Diapering 101" had me at hello. They even have a registry where I chose the diapers I wanted and family/friends could help us out.

By far, I found the cheapest option is to use Flip Covers (Picture above) for $13.95 each and Bummis Organic Unbleached Prefolds (Set of 6 for $10). From what I have read, it's worth it to pay a few extra bucks for these prefolds vs. cheapo Gerber ones that are made with polyester and end up repelling "stuff" instead of absorbing.
Lastly, a must have for my stash are the Bum Genius Stay Dry Doublers that you throw in the diaper at night or for heavy wetters. The fleece absorbs moisture and wicks it away from those little tushies, preventing redness.

We are still working out the numbers on all of these beauties. Don't you worry. Peter-I-Love-Excel will probably make us a nice breakdown of cost on these once we get our stash situated. I will be sure to update everyone on our progress. It's exciting isn't it? Hopefully I made someone out there think cloth diapering may be worth looking into. Check out and ask her questions- that's what she is there for!


  1. Awesome!! My husband and I have been looking at that too. I like the flip and bumgenious as well, and I even like that if you go on a trip you can get highly biodegradable disposables. I am totally with you on the saving money as the primary motivating factor!! :) Let me know how it goes!!

  2. Hi! My husband sent me your blog, he knows your husband, and we also go to Grace chapel! We also cloth diaper,, and LOVE it! One of the things that affirmed the decision for me was that the US uses chemicals in their disposable diapers that are illegal everywhere else in the world! Blew my mind!! It is really very easy, and tons of fun! Maybe we will see you at church some week! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  3. Thanks, Sarah! Are you currently using the flip covers and BG prefolds?

    Thanks Chantal- I will be in touch. Do you guys go to the Wilmington campus? Glad to hear you can do cloth with 2!

  4. Actually Jen, I have not used them yet. With our first one, we used disposables . . but our second is due Oct. and I'm hoping to use them then. I'm a bit nervous about it but looking forward to it. I've had a ton of friends recommend the flip and bumgenious, so I'm kinda sold just on their recommendation and their versatility. And so you know, often has sales on those brands. :) Keep me posted as to how it goes.


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