Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dining Room Progress

Thought I would fill y'all in with a little dining room update since I am sure most of you have been on the edge of your couches/lazy-boys seats in anticipation of the wall demo reveal. Progress on that real soon. Ahem...husband?

So let's recap a little on the dining room journey. Remember what it looked like when we moved in? Want to see the rest of the place with nothing in it? Check it out in our house tour.
As you remember from this post we have never had a dining room and had to start from scratch. We got the furniture on Craigs list and on a crazy Ikea adventure. This is what I wanted the room to resemble from Ballard Designs:

I definitely didn't want those kinda price tags though. Luckily Mommy the sewing-extraordianaire stepped in and took over the slipcover making fiasco. Remember round #1?

Well, she perfected the pattern while I was busy prepping myself for Little B and Arts Fest Beverly!
Look at how nice the slipcovers look!
The best part about them? They can be taken off and washed! Bring on the mess Little B! See if I can handle you...

Ok, as promised here is the progress so far:

Doesn't the back of the hutch match the chairs perfectly? I can hardly contain myself.  The only thing that bothers me terribly is the chandelier in the center of the room. I mean really? Where would you walk if I put the table in the center? Tossing around ideas without moving the electrical right now.  Anyone ever encountered this problem? I also want to add some curtains to the bay windows sometime soon. Thanks to my friend Jill for getting us that cute plant on the table as a housewarming gift. We love it!

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